Meet the DRC Coaches

Nicole Borges

DRC Lead Coach + Director of Programming, Coach for Junior High Performance, U23, Senior, and Masters Competitive
As a rowing coach, my philosophy centers on fostering a culture of excellence that goes beyond the mere act of rowing. It is a commitment to developing not just exceptional rowers, but outstanding individuals who carry the values learned on the water into all aspects of their lives.”

Brant Ottnad

Assistant Coach
Brant Ottnad started rowing at the Don Rowing Club in 1978 as one of the first kids on the water under 16 years of age. “Realistic goal setting, improving technique on and off the water, concise and positive feedback along with a good laugh are my core coaching methods. Teaching complex and difficult tasks are not new to me at the Don Rowing Club.”

Wendy O’Neill

Club Program Coach
Wendy has been a member of the DRC for 20 years, She has been a frequent attendee at Head of the Charles Regatta and the  Royal Canadian Henley, both as rower and  coxswain. “I love the idea of being in control of an 8+ in the HOTC, maneuvering through all the boats and bridges, it’s a real adrenaline rush.” Bringing many years of rowing experience to the program, Wendy works with other  club coaches and helps to train and develop new athletes into the club’s rowing program.

Abigail Najjar

Club Program Coach
Abigail Najjar began rowing at the age of 13 at Don Rowing Club. She has competed for the DRC as a junior and is now part of the U23 competitive program. Abigail continues to develop her love for the sport through coaching the Club program. Coaching others brings her joy. Abigail’s goal is to spread that joy and the sense of community rowing through her coaching.

Margherita Braga

Coastal Rowing Coach
Margy started rowing at Western as a coxswain and joined Don Rowing Club after graduation, where she competed with the Senior Mens and Masters Mens team for years. She’s now “back home” at DRC, and is focusing on building Don’s Coastal program and supporting all programs. She is an RCA Umpire, and is working on her RCA Performance Coach certification. She is focused on putting the athlete first and creating bigger and better opportunities for all athletes at the national and international stage

Alex Kollmann

Junior Development Coach
Alex has rowed with the DRC for eight years as a Junior and U23 competitive athlete. Alex found his passion for coaching three years ago with competitive ski racing and last year, he began coaching rowing as well. “Everyone has a place in rowing, and I love to help every athlete discover their potential. In our sessions, we combine a constructive focus on technique, strength, fitness and discipline to find fulfillment in continuous improvement and growth.