2018 - Celebrating 140 Years!

2018 Regatta Results

Mother’s Day Highschool Regatta

May 13

Senior Women Category:
2x  63 kg – 2nd Rebecca/Regan – Lorne Park
4x – 5th Rebecca/Regan/Bridget/ Hannah – Lorne Park
2x –  1st Amanda/Maya – Lorne Park 

Junior Womens Category:

1x – 3rd Abigail – Holy Name

Junior Mens Category:

1x – 5th Christian Goff – Kings Christian Colligiate
 1x – 4th John-Wes – Thomas A. Blakelock HS
 1x – 1st Eric – Port Credit

South Niagara Highschool Invite

May 19/20

Sr women Category:
1X – 3rd, Amanda
2- 1st, Kate/Maya
2X -1st, Kate/Maya

4X -1st, Amanda/Kate/Maya/Bianca

Junior Women Category:
1X – 2nd Angelika; 3rd Abigail
2X – 3rd Angelika and Abigail
4X – 1st Angelika/Abigail/Hannah/Janique
4X  59kg – 3rd Ana Arps/Ava/Elizabeth Najjar she is 11/Janique

Junior Men Category:
1X – 1st John-Wes; 2nd Christian
2X – 5th Kyle (he started rowing in the water 3 weeks ago)/Anatoliy; 6th, Aaron/Andrew Tano
4X – 1st Christian/Kyle/Andrew Tano/Anatoliy

Junior Mixed Category:
Mix 4X – 1st Kate/Will P/Adam/Maya

CSSRA Highschool Regatta

June 01 – 03

To Finals:
Womens  Junior 1x – 6th, Angelika (Loyola)
Mens Junior 1x – 6th, John-Wes (T.A. Blakelock)

Mens Junior 2x – 2nd, Kyle Nummi/Eric S. (Port Credit)
Womens Senior Pair – 1st, Amanda/Maya (Lorne Park)
Womens Senior 2x – 1st, Amanda/Maya (Lorne Park)
Mens Junior  1x – 1st, Eric S. (Port Credit)

Dominion Day Regatta

July 1st

Congratulations to all DRC athletes for a great showing at CANADA Regatta held on the Toronto Island.

The Don Rowing Club placed 3rd overall out of 10 clubs who participated.


Junior Womens Category:

U17 4x
1st – Janique Mayrand, Hannah Forgeron, Abigail Najjar, Angelika Foska

U17 1x
1st – Angelika Foska
3rd – Abigail Najjar

U19 2x
1st – Maya Meschikuleit, Amanda Caromicoli


 Junior Mens Category:

U17 4x
1st – Eric Seawright, John-Wes Appleton, Christian Goff, Kyle Nummi

U17 1x
2nd – Eric Seawright

U17 Eight
3rd – Andrew Tano, Sebastian Kowdrysh, Riley Poot, Aaron Yim, Anatoliy Duko, Kye Nummi, John-Wes Appleton, Christian Goff, Cox Alex Kollman

U19 4x
1st – John-Wes Appleton, Anatoliy Duko, Kyle Nummi, Christian Goff

U19 1x
3rd – Will Pirie


Under 23  Mens Category:

U23  Mens Eight
1st – Marcus Doyle, Ben Kozak, Matthew Pamenter, Justin Salvucci, William Sati, Adam Krol, Eric Seawright, Cox Georgia Greenwood

U23 Mens 1x
2nd – William Sati


Under 23 Womens Category:

U23  Womens Eight
2nd – Yara Ensminger, Hannah Wade, Maya Meschikuleit, Katherine Breen, Erin Wilson, Natasha Kozak, Alexandra Wright, (Cox) Georgia Greenwood

U23 Womens 1x
2nd – Natasha Kozak
3rd – Yara Ensminger

Senior Mens Category:

Senior Men 1x
3rd – Matthew Pamenter


Senior Womens Category:

 Senior Women 4x
1st – Sandra Martin, Elene Brett-Evans, Natasha Kozak, Alexandra Wright

Senior Womens 2x
2nd – Sandra Martin,  Elene Brett-Evans

Senior Womens 1x
2nd -Brett-Evans


Senior Lwt Mens Category:
1x – 1st – Connor Newell

Cora Regatta – London

July 7th

Junior Womens Catagory:

U17 Womens lwt  1x
1st in heat one – Agelika
2nd in heat two – Ana

U17 Lwt Womens  Coxed 4x
1st – Janique (cox),  Elizabeth, Teya,  Arienne,  Erika

U17  Womens Coxed 4x
2nd – Sejal (cox), Anna P., Melisa,  Maia, Clew

U17 Womens Eight
2nd –   Georgia (Cox), Angelika, Abigail, Cassandra, Elena,  Hannah, Melissa, Anna P,  Ana A

U17 Lwt 2x 
2nd – Ana Arps  Janique

U17 Womens 2x
2nd – Hannah  Elena Sati
4th – Elizabeth   Abigail
U17  Lwt Womens 4x
2nd – Janique Teya  Elizabeth Sejal
U17 Womens 4x
1st – Angelika  Abigail  Elena   Ana A
U19 Lwt Womens 2x   
2nd – Rebecca Olivet   Regan Murphy
U19 Womens 4x
2nd – Angelika, Morgan  Regan  Rebecca

Junior Mens Catagory:

U17 Mens Lwt 4x   
1st – Georgia Greenwood (Cox), Andrew, Oren, Aaaron Yim, Sebastian
U17 Mens 4x
1st – Eric, John-Wes, Christian, Kyle
U17 Mens Lwt 1x
1st – Anatoliy
U17 Mens 1x
1st – John-Wes
U17  Mens Eight
2nd   Kyle   John-Wes  Kyle  Oren  Sebastian Andrew Anatoliy Aaron Riley   Cox Georgia
U17 Mens Lwt 2x
3rd – Sebastian, Aaron
U17  Mens 2x
1st – 1st heat – John-Wes, Christian
 2nd – 2nd heat – Oren, Riley
U19 Mens 1x  
1st – 1st heat –  Adam Kroll
1st – 2nd heat – William Pirie
U23  Women
2x – 2nd – Natasha Kozak, Erin Wilson
1x – 3rd – Natasha Kozak
2x – 2nd – Natasha, Erin
U23 Lwt Men
2x – 1st – William Sati, Connor Newell
1x – 1st heat -William Sati
2nd heat – Connor Newell
U23 Men
2x – 1st – Ben Kozak   Marcus Doyle
4x – 1st – Ben  Marucs  Matt P Justin
2 – 1st – Ben   Marcus
1x – 2nd – Matt P.
Senior Men
2x – 1st – Lorne
1x – 2nd – Lorne

Cora Regatta – St. Catharines

July 14th

U17 Womens Lwt Single
2nd –  Angelika Foska
U17 Womens Single
1st –  Abigail Najjar
U17 2x
3rd –  Abigail  Elena
U17 Lwt Womens 4x
2nd – Kristen  Teya  Janique  Georgia
U17 Womens 4x
Angelika  Abigail  Hannah  Ana
U17 Womens Eight
2nd –  Angelika  Abigail Elena Hannah Ava  Cassie  Anna P  Ana A  Arienne (coxie)
U19 Lwt Womens 2x
2nd – Rebecca Regan
U19 Womens 2x
5th –  Morgan   Illure
U19 Womens 4x
2nd  Angelika  Regan Rebbeca Morgan
U19 Womens 8
3rd –  Regan Rebecca Morgan  Sophika Bridget Illure Lindsay   Abigail   Georgia(coxie)
U17 Lwt Men 1x
1st –  Anatoliy
U17 Mens 1x
1st –  John-Wes 
2nd  –  Christian G.
3rd  –  Eric S.
U17 Mens 2x
1st –     Eric S.  Kyle N.
2nd  –  John-Wes     Christian 
U17 Mens 4x+
1st   Andrew Anatoliy Aaron Oren
U17 Lwt Mens 4x
 3rd –  Anatoliy  Aaron  Andrew Oren
U17 Mens 4x
1st –  Eric  John-Wes  Christian  Kyle
3rd –  Anatoliy   Aaron Andrew Oren
U19 Mens 1x
1st – Will P.
U19 Mens 2+
2nd  place  –  Anatoliy   Max
U19 Mens 2x
3rd  – Will P.  Jonathan M.
 U23 Women
Pair –  3rd  Natasha   Erin
U23 Men
4x –  Will S.  Ben K  Marcus  
Senior Women
1x –  2nd   Elene Brett-Evans
2x –  3rd    Elene  Sandra M.
Senor Mens 
2x – Ben K.  Matthew P.

Masters Ontario Championships

July 15

Gold Medal

  Womens B 1x   Amber Oke

  Womens C 1x   Amber Oke
  Womens E+ 2x   Lynda D, Cori Simms
Silver Medal
  Mens         C+ 2-  Ian, Duncan  
  Womens  AA 1x     Elene Brett-Evans 
  Womens  D+  4+   Georgia (cox), Jane B., Gina B.  Vilma, Gilda
  Mens C+ 8            Rhea(cox) David W, Nick, Duncan, Shae, Gerd, Harold, Mike Neary, Gord, Tibor
  Mens E+ 4+          Rhea(cox)  Gerd, Nick, Mike Neary,  Tibor
  Womens  D+ 8     Jackie(cox)  Carrie, Gina B., Jane, Laurie, Michele, Graciela, Vilma, Gilda
  Mixed 8                 Jackie(cox)  David W, Gina B, Ian, Shae, Jane, Leanne, Vilma, Gord

Ontario Championships

July 28 – 29

Gold Medal 
U17 Mens 2x Final B  Kyle  Oren
U17 Mens 2x  Final A  Christian John-Wes
U17 Mens cox 4x   Anatoliy Andrew Aaron Oren  Alex (cox)
U19 Womens 2-   Kate, Bianca
U17 Womens Eight   Hannah Janique  Ana Ava Kristen Elena  Reike, Ronya   Arienne (Cox)
U19 Womens 4x   Kate BIanca Morgan Regan
U23 Mens 2-    Ben   Marcus
Silver Medal
Senior Womens 4x   Natasha  Elene B  Erin  Katrina
U23  Womens 2-    Erin  Natasha 
U23 Mens Eight   Adam  Will P. Tyler Will S  Marcus  Ben Matt  Justin
U17 Mens 2x  Final B  Anatoliy, Axel
U23  Mens 4x  Justin Ben Marcus  Matt
U23 Womens 2x Final B   Natasha Erin
U19 cox 4x   Sejal  Anna P., Teya  Cassandra    Arienne   (coxie)
U17  Womens 2x    Final A   Angelika   Abigail
U17 Womens 4x  Angelika  Abigail  Ana  Janique
Senior Womens 2x    Elene B., Lexi
U19  Womens 2x   Rebecca  Regan

Masters Royal Canadian Henley 

August 5th
Gold Medal
Womens C 1x   Amber Oke
Womens B 1x   Amber Oke
Womens D+ 8   Georgia(cox) Carrie, Gina B, Jane, Louise, Michele, Laurie, Vilma, Gilda
2nd Place Final
 Womens D+ 2-   Louise  Wendy
  Mens  B+ 8       Rhea(cox) David, Nick, Harold, Shae, Duncan, Mike Neary,  Gerd,  Tibor
3rd Place Final
Mens E+ 4+       Georgia(cox) Gerd, Nick, Mike, Tibor
Womens D+4+   Rhea (cox)   Jane, Gina B., Vilma, Gina
Mens C 4+         Rhea(cox)     David W, Shae, Shameek, Gord
4th Place Final
Womens D+ 4x Jane, Gina Gilda  Lynda
Mens  D 4+ Arienne(cox) Shameek, Nick, Duncan, Harold
Mens  D+ 2- Ian, Duncan

Royal Canadian Henley
Day One

August 7th

Crews to Semi Finals:
U19 Mens 1x Adam Kroll
U19 Womens 1x Kate Breen
U19 Mens 4+ Cox Georgia Korwin Julian Ole Elwin
U19 Womens 4+ Cox Alex, Morgan, Bianca, Regan, Rebecca 
U17 Womens 2x Abigail, Angelika
U17 Mens 4x John-Wes Christian Kyle Eric
U23 Mens Lwt 1x Will Sati

Congratulations to U17 Womens Eight, who will be racing at a Henley Final on Thursday
Cox Arienne, Hannah, Janique, Ana, Elene, Ava Cassandra Rieke, Elles

Best of luck on the next step, and looking forward to seeing the rest of our DRC athletes racing tomorrow, so much more to come

Royal Canadian Henley
Day Two

August 8th

To the Semis:
U19 Mens 2x Will Pirie, Adam Kroll
U17 Womens 4x Hannah Elene Ana Janique
U17 Womens 4x Angelika Abigail Reike Elles
U23 Mens 1x Matthew Pamenter

Crews going to the Finals:
U19 Mens 1x Adam Kroll
U19 Womens 1x Kate Breen
U17 Mens 4x John-Wes Christian Kyle Eric
U17 Mens 8 Alex Kollman (cox) John-Wes Christian Kyle Oren Anatoliy Sebastian Andrew Korwin 
U23 Mens Lwt 1x Will Sati

Royal Canadian Henley
Day Three

August 9th

To Semis
U17 Mens 1x Eric Seawright
U19 Womens 2- Bianca/Kate
U23 Mens Lwt 2x Will Sati/John-Wes
U23 Womens 4x Rebecca/Hannah W/Natasha/Erin

To Finals
U23 Mens 4x Justin/Marcus/Ben K/Matt P.
U17 Womens 4x Abigail/Angelika/Elles/Reike

Congratulations to Finalists today
Adam Krol 6th place of the U19 mens 1x
Will Sati 5th place of the U23 Mens Lwt 1x
Kate Breen 6th place of the U19 womens 1x

Arienne Cox, Hannah F., Janique, Elene Ana, Ava, Cassandra, Elles, Reike were 2nd place in a final of the u17 Womens 8…only Canadian crew and were bow to 7 seat of the winners ….outstanding result…

And…Winning Henley Gold for U17 mens 4x
John-Wes, Christian, Kyle Eric.

Royal Canadian Henley
Day Four

August 10th

To the Semi Finals
U19 Womens 4x 
Kate/Bianca/Morgan/ Regan

U17 Womens 1x Abigail
U17 Mens 2x John-Wes/Christian

To the Finals Saturday
U17 Mens 1x Eric Seawright
U23 Mens 4x Justin/Marcus/Ben/Matthew

Todays Final Results Congratulations to all those racing in Henley Finals….
Alex(cox) John-Wes, Christian, Kyle, Anatoliy, Andrew, Sebastian, Oren, Korwyn finished 5th in the finals of the U17 mens eight

Georgia(cox) Matthew, Ben Marcus Julian Adam Eric Tyler Justin finished 5th in the finals of the U23 mens eight

Angelika, Abigail, Reike Ronya photo finished to a first place in the U17 womens 4x

Royal Canadian Henley
Day Five

August 11th

To the Finals Sunday
U17 Mens 2x John-Wes Christian FInal TIme Sunday 1:40pm

U19 Womans 4x (X2!!!!)
Kate Bianca Morgan Regan
Imke Reike Ronya Franziska Final Time Sunday 10:20 am

U17 Mens 1x Eric Seawright, Henley Gold Medal Winner
U23 Mens 4x Matt/Marcus/Ben/Justin 2nd in the Henley Final

Senior Womens 1x Dash Elene B. 2nd in the Henley Final
Senior Mens Lwt 1x Dash Lorne T. 5th in the Henley Final..

Royal Canadian Henley
Day Six

August 12th

U19 Womens quad
Kate Bianca Morgan Regan finished 4th at a Henley Final
Reike Ronya Imke Franziska finished 6th at a Henley Final

U17 Mens 2x John-Wes Christina finished 6th at a Henley Final