2018 - Celebrating 140 Years!

About Us

The Don Rowing Club (DRC) was first established in 1878 in downtown Toronto near the base of the Don River. The DRC has had many keen competitors and saw much success on both the national and international fronts early in the late 19th century. The club had many ups and downs over the course of the next few decades, and even changed locations several times due to the growth of the city of Toronto and changes in the course of the Don River. The DRC eventually moved to Mississauga in the 1960s, and saw the construction of the boathouse in 1961. Since then the club has grown roots in the city of Port Credit, and continues to develop prominent rowers within Canada.

The Don Rowing Club is a not-for-profit community rowing club and continues to operate out of the boathouse located near the base of the Credit River in Mississauga. Our boathouse has undergone many upgrades over the years, and currently has six boat bays housing an array of sculling and sweeping boats, an indoor rowing tank, an erg room, changing rooms, and a meeting room. We offer a variety of recreation, seasonal, and competitive programs that facilitate the needs of novice athletes, community athletes, and competitive athletes of all ages.

The excellence of the club is driven by the volunteer efforts of our athletes and coaches alike. The DRC is fortunate to have such a consistent core of members to help operate and improve the club. Many of our coaches are alumni of the DRC competitive programs who are giving back to the sport they love; their presence carries forward the community values that we hope to instil in our membership.

As a Registered Group in good standing we thank the City of Mississauga for the Community Group Registry benefits.